Our History

Promise Checks was founded in Chicago in January, 1995 as a means to help Christians share their faith in an attractive way in the daily marketplace. The company is a family owned Christian business. The launch of Promise Checks began with ads in several Christian magazines with only three designs rendered by Timothy Botts, America's most renowned calligrapher. Over the past decade, our line has expanded to include many new designs by nationally acclaimed Christian artists. Each original series conveys a specific Biblical message that is important to all believers. We've had the privilege to partner with various ministries such as Promise Keepers, Women of Faith, Concerned Women for America, Christian Working Woman and Aglow International.

Our Commitment to Value

At the present time, our line consists of over 50 unique designs at exceptional values. Currently, all designs offer fourth pack free rewarding those who buy more. We're also pleased to provide a custom message option which enables our customers to express their values personally. Unlike most other check companies, we offer consistent low pricing for both new customers as well as loyal reorder customers with no minimums required. Overall, our customers save 50% or more compared to buying through their banks.

Our Accountability

Promise Checks is a member of the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our checks are printed to meet or exceed all existing banking requirements for safety and functionality in any financial institution. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and strive for excellence in both our products and customer service support. Our online ordering system is maintained for maximum security and uses the very latest in data encryption technology.

Our Story by Doug Coen, Founder and President

In early 1994, I could sense that our days as an agency with a well known candy company were probably coming to a close after 20 years. My business career was always focused on marketing. By that time, I had helped to promote delightful chocolate confections every way imaginable-coupons, games, displays, promotions, allowances, refunds-you name it, we did it. But, I had been asking God quite fervently to provide something else to do with my life. I guess I was a little burned out and I wanted to get excited about something bigger than sweets. Then one day, my life changed just by doing something very ordinary. I was on a plane for another business trip and I casually opened a magazine as I had done many times before just to pass some time. Little did I know that God had prepared a message for me that would start my greatest adventure. I turned the page and there was an article about a woman who had started her own check business and she was enjoying great success. There was only one little problem...her checks were promoting causes that were counter-Christian. As I sat there, I remember feeling somewhat stunned that the passion of the people behind such movements was so strong that it became an industry. Then I thought, surely Lord there must be those who would want to make a statement in a similar way but for Christ.

At the time, I shared this idea with my daughter-in-law who worked with me in our marketing agency and then I shared it with my agency partner. Both were very supportive. The next step was to create some designs so I approached Timothy Botts, an immensely talented calligrapher with Tyndale House and asked him if he would illustrate three checks for me. In January, 1995, our first ads appeared in Today's Christian Woman and Charisma - Promise Checks was born. During that first year, we sold 6,570 packs. I can remember sitting in our office, opening the mail and being so excited, knowing that Christians were supporting us just as we wanted to support them. In 2005, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary and shipped our one millionth pack of Promise Checks!

The purpose of Promise Checks has always been to give Americans a way to positively influence their communities through checks. We believe that God's Word is living and active and that shared in faith in any manner is a blessing. We will never know this side of eternity how these messages on paper have affected others through our sincere, caring customers. But, it always gives us a powerful motivation day by day to know that we are, by faith, helping others to make this world a better place.

Our family has always been strong supporters of Life. In fact, we have a design based on Psalm 139 that is titled "Sanctity of Life" (also illustrated by Tim Botts). We care deeply about children so we designed another series "Caring for Kids" produced by a Christian mom and daughter (It Takes Two) in Minneapolis. Our most recent additions are the introduction of seasonal designs for both Easter and Christmas as well as 3 new designs by Christian author and artist Karla Dornacher. 

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